I am Erin.

I'm a child of God, a wife, mama of two, a wildflower. I am a lover of simplicity, a gift giver, a homemaker.

I feel like it's time to get really down and deep with myself. Past the skin. Into the heart. Into the bones. Sometimes that looks like joy so full and complete that it runs across the prairies, and we feel free. Sometimes it's the ordinary that makes us feel rooted and grounded. Other times it is grief so raw that it pulls us down below the riverbeds before we can start healing. I'm feeling brave.

Let's find those places so true and honest. I want to go there with you.

Sessions $450

Wilder | water, forest, deep, moody

Mae | golden, sunshine, field, laughter

Home | honest, food, love, together

Simple | minimal, easy, white, portrait

Mother | birth, breastfeeding, bare, baby


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