A where we are now

Tori and Matt. I wish I could describe their love with a hundred words, but the word that comes foremost is honest. Their love is so honest. It's also full, fun, light, sways with the beat. Super rich and complex but easy, like really good coffee. 

When Tori invited me over for tea to talk details of their anniversary shoot, I sat there on the couch with my cup filled, marveling over their marriage story, and my eyes sank deep into the comforting corners. Velvet. Embroidery. Books. Flowers. Details.

Matt builds guitars. Tori's has a library to be envious of. Both find joy in the quality of a good friendship, both happy in liturgies of Saturday brunch and Bon Iver on repeat, vegan treats, dates at home.

Cheers to year 3, loves.